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There's a difference between basic compliance and creating a diverse culture. Mix Talent's Amy Akillian takes this episode to talk to an expert in building diversity into businesses: Ryan MacLean. MacLean is the Executive Director and Head of HR for Commercial & Operations in Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

When COVID-19 struck the United States, Mix Talent was partnered with two clients building field sales teams in preparation for launch and expansion. We had 5 hiring events scheduled across the country for 375 candidates over a two-week period. As travel restrictions and quarantines were issued, we needed to quickly identify solutions to keep timelines, meet their business needs and maintain the safety of all.

With an ever changing science industry, the need for multidisciplinary scientists is growing. Today, Mix Talent's Drew Rothschild talks to drug-development-expert-now-CEO-AND-CSO Jan Rosenbaum, a living example of how successful integrating multiple industry skills can be. Rosenbaum is the President, CEO, and CSO of Kurome Therapeutics, a Cincinnati based company that targets therapies for adaptive resistance in cancer cells.

Sometimes patients can't make it out of their house and to the doctor. That's where digital health comes in. On today's episode, Mix Talent's Andrew Jones asks an expert about the digital health industry landscape: Michael Seggev. Seggev is the Vice President of Commercial at Donisi Health, a company pioneering contact-free and hassle-free health monitoring.

In this white paper, we combine our experience from engagements with dozens of pharmaceutical and biotech salesforces with cutting edge research from the world of positive psychology to provide you best practices to build and maintain resilience and perseverance – characteristics we see as absolutely critical to success in today’s environment.

As the life science industry grows, the call for diversity in its venture capital grows too. In this episode, Mix Talent's KC McAllister talks with Sevy Kraner, co-founder of Pontem Capital, the only woman-owned and -operated, Midwest-focused healthcare venture capital firm.

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