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In the modern era of work, companies understand many of the physical needs of their employees...but what about emotional? How can organizations cultivate positive workplace attitudes through HR? Mix Talent's Paige Nelson uncovers some solutions when she sits down with Ashley Herd in today's episode. Ashley Herd is the Founder and CEO of The Manager Method, where she helps upskill individuals in their career goals, managers in becoming people leaders, and organizations in their enterprise-wide needs.

The path to a groundbreaking career in the life sciences may not be so straight! Sometimes a strong mentor and a personal mission can make all the difference. Deniz Razon's journey to Board Member of Servier Pharmaceuticals reflects just that when she talks to Mix Talent's Todd Radloff in today's episode. Razon also functions as the Chief Business Officer of Servier Pharmaceuticals, a privately held company that's a growing leader in oncology.

In the US, a majority of people only see a doctor for a yearly check up. How do you address chronic medical conditions with such a "one and done" mindset? Erica Conroy and her work with the company AndHealth tackles that exact struggle. Mix Talent's K.C. McAllister sits down with Conroy on this week's episode. Conroy is the Senior Vice President of Employer Partnership at AndHealth, the leading digital health solution for autoimmune diseases and migraine. Employers use AndHealth's disease reversal programs to unlock employee engagement and productivity while reducing healthcare costs.

The Gene and Cell Therapy industry continues to grow, and with growth comes many brilliantly led startups, filled with wisdom on business management and therapeutic science. With her third appearance as Mix Tape interviewer, Patty Adams talks with Rich Daly, President of CARSgen Therapeutics. CARSgen Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company focused on innovative CAR-T cell therapies for the treatment of hematological malignancies and solid tumors, with a vision to make cancer curable.

The competition for top talent in tech and life sciences is fierce.  Early-stage and emerging companies often find themselves in competition with much larger organizations to attract and/or extract experienced talent they need to help achieve their next stage of growth.  However, if you think you can’t compete with established companies for talent due to their deeper pockets and robust benefits, think again. 

When you've been given such staggering news as a breast cancer diagnosis, what can you do to fight for a cancer-free future? Mix Talent's Paige Nelson knows a friend and coworker who's now on the other side of her diagnosis: Cassie Vick. Vick is a Practice Leader for Mix Talent's Sales Vertical, and is kind enough to share her story of overcoming cancer with a strong patient-to-provider relationship.

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