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Having the right talent in the right positions is key to moving your organization forward – but identifying and analyzing talent quickly and efficiently is a considerable challenge. We’re here to help by bringing critical data, objectivity, and trained expertise to your decision-making processes.

Our Approach

Our team of seasoned Industrial/Organizational Psychology consultants helps you identify what competencies and behaviors drive success in your organization and build custom assessments to predict future performance. Whether you are preparing for a sales build, hiring an executive, or enhancing your development and succession efforts, our unique expertise and deep experience working with hundreds of organizations helps you identify the right mix of talent for your organization.

Our Assessment Services

Regardless of your organization’s stage of HR development, our technology, insights, and collaborative, practical mindset meet you where you are to solve your short-term problems while positioning you for long-term success.

Combined with your insights, we conduct primary research to build background and experience profiles for your organization to guide your recruiting efforts and help identify candidates who will be a good fit for specific roles in your organization.

We work with subject matter experts to understand the critical competencies and behaviors necessary for success within your organization, and then combine this qualitative insight with data to develop fine-tuned competency models that can be used for a variety of talent initiatives.

We develop custom processes and assessments and direct your selection and development decision making process. We help you predict behavior in roles and identify areas of discussion for interviews or developmental priorities. Our deliverables are built for your needs and often include real-world based assessments, practical reports, and developmental plans.

Executive hires require a more one-on-one approach, so we work with you to build and deliver an assessment process focused on obtaining a holistic understanding of each candidate’s leadership skill set, personality, and fit within your culture.

The capabilities and performance of Front Line Leaders drive the success of life sciences sales forces. We bring rigor, objectivity, and deep psychological expertise to help you make the right FLL hiring and promotion decisions the first time.

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Our experience with hundreds of organizations will help you determine the right processes, technology, and tools to assess and manage talent within your organization, providing you quick access to best practices. We also train hiring managers on proper usage of assessment tools and reports.

Most organizations either have under-developed or over-engineered performance management processes. We help you find the sweet spot.

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Case Study

What other life sciences leaders are saying about Mix

When I initially met with Mix, we were outnumbered. There were more people from Mix at the meeting than from our organization. Which is a big deal to me. They were clearly well-staffed and ready to go.

Director, Talent Acquisition Oncology-focused Biotech Company

There’s a personal touch with Mix and the quality of their team is really exceptional. They’ve done a good job of hiring for themselves and that shows with the quality of people they’ve been able to bring on board.

Vice President, Global Commercial Operations Commercial Pharmaceutical Company

The Mix team was quite masterful in identifying quality candidates upfront and not passing along candidates they thought would be a waste of our time. That allowed us to move very quickly with the hires, all of whom were incredible fits for us and are still with the company today.

Sr. Director Field Medical Affairs Commercial-stage Biopharmaceutical Company

We support clients throughout all phases of the lifecycle, from preclinical to commercial.

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