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The Mix Tape | Special Edition – Cell and Gene Tx Journey to Commercialization: Drug Approval & Post-Approval

In part 2 of our Special Edition Series – Cell and Gene Tx Journey to Commercialization – Abbey Jenkins (CEO, Gamida Cell) and Izzy Tyszler (VP of Commercial, Zevra Therapeutics) join ADVI Health’s Director of Health Policy and Reimbursement, Alicia Silver, to discuss commercialization of gene and cell therapies. Abbey and Izzy share their key learnings from past experiences leading commercial teams, including advice on how best to prepare for commercialization.

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The Mix Tape | Special Edition – Cell and Gene Tx Journey to Commercialization: Drug Development and Manufacturing

Welcome back to The Mix Tape! In this 2-part special edition, Mix Talent teamed up with ADVI Health to bring together women leaders in Cell and Gene Therapy to discuss the journey from manufacturing to commercialization. This series will feature insights from our incredible guests on their learnings from past experiences, tips and tricks, and anticipated trends in biotech.

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The Mix Tape | The Secret’s in the Mix: Part 4 – Talent Development Tools

We’re wrapping up our Mix Tape mini-series by breaking down how to build Career Development tools that engage your team and boost retention. In this episode, Valerie is joined by Mix Talent’s Head of HR, Daryl Neville, and our Director of Leadership & Culture, Sara Shondrick, PhD to discuss different types of training, how to assess training needs, and how to prioritize and work together to figure out strategies that bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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The Mix Tape | The Secret’s in the Mix: Part 3 – Engaging a Remote Workforce

With remote work taking over the international workforce, how does a company stay connected? Managing and engaging with a geographically diverse team happens every day at Mix Talent, so Valerie sits down with Todd Radloff, Head of Client Solutions and Delivery, as well as Patty Adams, Head of HR Consulting, to discuss Mix’s approach and other helpful strategies for other organizations learning how to navigate remote teams.

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The Mix Tape | The Secret’s in the Mix: Part 1 – Impactful Leadership

In the first episode of our mini-series: The Secret’s in the Mix, we are joined by two impactful leaders – Mickey Shimp, President of Mix Talent, and Jon DeWitt, Executive Coach at JS DeWitt and Associates – to dive into the topic of leadership, discussing why authentic and transparent leadership is imperative and how to invest in your people to build strong relationships with your teams.

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 10 — Driving Employee Retention through Career Development

Retaining top talent and supporting the career development of your employees go hand in hand. As a manager, HR leader, or company head, making career development palpable for those around you can feel unreachable. K.C. McAllister discusses career development and feedback strategies with industry expert Amanda Lopez on today’s episode. Amanda Lopez is the Executive Director for Talent Management & HRBP at Entrada Therapeutics, a growing biopharmaceutical company innovating to transform the treatment of devastating diseases through intracellular therapeutics.

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 8 — When Passions Collide: A Biotech Leader’s Unexpected Career Path

Everyone’s life science career is full of twists and turns, but Sweta Girgenrath’s journey is particularly winding. From the lab to the classroom and back again, not to mention traveling halfway across the world to settle in the US, Girgenrath recounts her career until now and what the future holds with May Li, Mix Talent’s R&D Recruiting Team Lead. Sweta Girgenrath holds over 15 years of experience spanning academia and pharmaceutical industry working at the interface of the complex pathophysiology of rare and ultra-rare muscle / cardiac disease and therapy development.

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 7 — One Year Later: An Update on BioOhio and the Growth of Ohio’s Life Sciences Ecosystem

The Life Sciences never sounded so good, especially in Ohio! With major cities like Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati on an upward trajectory, all facets of the medical industry continue to expand. Today, KC McAlister sits down in our headquarters hometown of Columbus to get an update from our friends at BioOhio. She is joined by BioOhio’s President, CEO and former guest Eddie Pauline as well as Board Vice-Chair Michael Triplett.

BioOhio advances the state’s bioscience, health, and life sciences industries, convening dynamic companies, people, and institutions to elevate the ecosystem in Ohio while supporting those that drive health, economic, and social well-being in communities across the globe.

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In this white paper, we combine our expertise in the research of resilience with our practical experience from engagements with dozens of pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide a relevant overview of how employees can develop their resilience and how organizations can support this development.

After putting your career on pause, it can be challenging to get it back. In this post, Mix Talent’s Jill Purdy writes about how she did it – and how you can, too.

While successful leadership transitions are extremely important for businesses, they don’t usually go as smoothly as you hope – but coaching can change that.

Learn how life sciences leaders can balance the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence in their recruiting and talent optimization efforts.

Mix Talent is recognizing Rare Disease Day 2024 by celebrating rare heroes from across the country whose initiative, advocacy, and perseverance are making a difference in the lives of others.

After the positive reception to our inaugural Trends Report, we’re excited to introduce our 2024 Trends Report. Beyond reporting on what we learned, we have also added commentary throughout based on what we have seen transpire in life sciences talent this past year and how we expect it to evolve in the year to come.

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