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Client Testimonials

I still have goosebumps – I knew you all were good, I just had no idea HOW good – I continue to be blown away with the speed and quality of candidates you all have provided!

President US affiliate of a global specialty
pharmaceutical company

A quick, but very sincere and hearty ‘Thank You’ to the entire Mix Team. Your strategic partnership and professionalism has been evident and appreciated throughout, while the resulting contributions (the people) will be a gift that keeps on giving.

VP Sales First product launch for a small
US specialty pharmaceutical company

I hold Mix in highest professional regard. They’ve built 2 teams for me. Both were different strategies, different needs and different profiles. However, they employed a unique and diligent approach to my needs with the same trusted process. Both were home runs.

Vice President global biopharmaceutical company

Your team is the best thing that has happened to me. They make me better, bring joy and help add grease to this grind. That makes it all easier.

Head of HR privately-held cell therapy biotech company

When I came on board – which was after Mix had started working with us – I changed a lot about our approach, but I never saw any frustration even amidst the pressures to quickly shift and get up to speed. The Mix team was cool, calm, collected, and very professional.

VP, Head of Sales VP, Head of Sales at an
Oncology-focused Biotech Company

When I initially met with Mix, we were outnumbered. There were more people from Mix at the meeting than from our organization. Which is a big deal to me. They were clearly well-staffed and ready to go.

Director, Talent Acquisition Director, Talent Acquisition at an
Oncology-focused Biotech Company

There’s a personal touch with Mix and the quality of their team is really exceptional. They’ve done a good job of hiring for themselves and that shows with the quality of people they’ve been able to bring on board.

VP, Global Commercial Ops Vice President, Global Commercial Operations
at a Commercial Pharmaceutical Company

The embedded Mix recruiters we work with are super dedicated to what they do. The quality of people Mix has provided us has been just incredible. I couldn’t have asked for better people to partner with.

R&D Talent Acquisition Lead R&D Talent Acquisition Lead at
Biopharmaceutical Company

Mix was very accommodating of our unique strategy when recruiting for us. They didn’t see it as just filling the positions – they really sought to understand how these roles fit into our bigger strategy. And then they were able to quickly identify the right candidates we were looking for that aligned to that strategy. That made a huge difference for our business.

Sr. Director Field Medical Affairs Sr. Director Field Medical Affairs at a
Commercial-stage Biopharmaceutical Company

I've worked with recruiters in the past who can't answer basic questions about the roles they're hiring for. But the Mix recruiters I worked with had the answers – and if they didn't, they knew how to find them. They show true investment and display the due diligence to back it up.

MSL Director West MSL Director at a Biopharmaceutical Company

Omar Richardson

Compliance Officer at Grünenthal Group

Mark Podkladek

Regional Sales Manager at ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Candidate Testimonials

Thank you for a fantastic event. Interviews certainly aren’t always easy to execute for either side, but your team certainly alleviated the unknowns while making everyone as comfortable as possible. You executed a flawless event. Congrats to you guys.

You have a genuine care for what you do and for the people. Another recruiter told me the other day that his role was to fill a job, not to help me find a job. You have a leg up on the competition for sure.

Wow, well we made it! I say ‘we’ because the interview is over and the logistics and execution you put together was truly flawless. I've said it many times and I'll say it again, I am incredibly impressed with your professionalism and how this whole process has played out.

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You have gone above and beyond during this interview process, and I’m both very grateful and incredibly impressed.

One thing that made my Mix recruiter an invaluable partner was his background as a former pharmaceutical sales rep. He had a deep understanding of the specific requirements and nuances of finding the perfect role, particularly in the rare specialty field I was seeking.

I couldn't be more grateful for the kindness, guidance, and insight I experienced from Mix during this process. I knew since day one that this company is where I want to work and every interaction I've had with you has just continued to confirm that.

I have worked with many recruiters before. None has been as good as my Mix recruiter. She is bright, articulate, professional, asks insightful questions and has a dynamic personality.

I have to say, of all the recruiters I have worked with, my Mix recruiter is by far the best! He was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the recruitment process. His communication style and outstanding follow-up sets him apart from others in the industry.

My Mix recruiter had an open door policy and I felt like I could call and ask him anything about the company, its culture, and the people I was interviewing with. He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to my friends looking for an opportunity in pharmaceutical sales.

The communications with my Mix recruiter have been transparent, timely, and supportive. She has been professional, courteous, and she has a positive demeanor about her that is refreshing. Given the stress that can come with a potential career change, this has been uplifting and energizing.

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team. Regardless of the outcome, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your guidance and support during this process. You and the entire Mix team are incredibly professional, helpful, and I have genuinely enjoyed this experience.

You are wonderful, and so amazingly good at what you do. Recruiters have so much to deal with, but you haven’t let that block the human side of you that sees the whole candidate and not just what’s on paper. I hope you are building many, many dream teams!

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