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We bring the right Mix of experience, connections, insights, and data so you can find the right executive who will help move your organization forward.

At Mix Talent, we believe that culture is built by people and runs on talent.

In other words, building and maintaining a successful life sciences organization – whether you are in healthtech, biotech, pharmaceuticals, or gene therapy – begins and ends with finding talented individuals who are aligned to your values and mission and have the capabilities to contribute meaningfully to what you are working hard to accomplish. And no group of individuals is more important to this dynamic than your leadership team. We’re here to help make sure you get the right leadership in place so your organization can thrive.

What other life sciences leaders are saying about Mix

There’s a personal touch with Mix and the quality of their team is really exceptional. They’ve done a good job of hiring for themselves and that shows with the quality of people they’ve been able to bring on board.

Vice President, Global Commercial Operations Commercial Pharmaceutical Company

I really think of Mix as a business partner. The questions they ask, making sure they are on target with expectations and aligned on all of the details – they really work hard to fully understand our business so they can do the best job possible for us.

MSL Director Biopharmaceutical Company

When I came on board – which was after Mix had started working with us – I changed a lot about our approach, but I never saw any frustration even amidst the pressures to quickly shift and get up to speed. The Mix team was cool, calm, collected, and very professional.

VP, Head of Sales Oncology-focused Biotech Company

Our executive search process

The life science industry is always changing, which can make it difficult to know what the right type of leader looks like, exactly – but by partnering with a Mix Talent subject matter expert (SME) and behavioral scientist, we can help you better understand who you’re looking for and what you’re up against.

Our first step is to get to know you and build a thorough understanding of your organization, its culture, and the role(s) you’re looking to fill. Ensuring we are fully aligned on everything – from the disease state and job descriptions to diversity recruiting strategy and compensation – from the beginning will help us be more effective and efficient as we move forward.

This alignment also allows us to craft accurate hiring profiles and custom assessments that represent your team and target the right kinds of leaders, ultimately helping us attract the candidates who best suit your unique needs.

While our recruiters have a proprietary database of talent in which to base their search, our 30+ years of experience in the industry means we don’t rely solely on networking – we use technology to reach further and engage with candidates, which is especially useful when identifying highly qualified (and highly specialized) candidates who may not be actively looking for a new role.

Once we have established the type of candidate you’re looking for and begin receiving promising interest, we make both the initial contact and facilitate in-depth interviews with prioritized candidates.

Using tools designed by our team of behavioral scientists, we validate the candidate’s behavioral and cultural fit, and everything we learn through interviews and assessments is detailed during weekly updates until you’re prepared to make your hiring decision.

Once you’ve seen the assessment data and are aligned on who to hire, we take care of personally contacting candidates and making offers. Congratulations! You can feel confident that you’ve hired the right individual and are ready to move forward.

With a new leader in place, Mix is ready to continue advising and supporting your organization and its new executive through New Leader Assimilation, assisting with Performance Management, helping them grow through Executive Coaching, and even making sure the success they build continues with Succession Planning.

Our recently filled roles


  • Head of R&D
  • Senior Director, Cancer Biology
  • Director, Oligonucleotide Chemistry
  • Director, Medicinal Chemistry
  • Senior Director, Discovery Program Management


  • Vice President, Head of DMPK
  • Director, Clinical Pharmacology
  • Senior Director, Toxicology

Product Development

  • Associate Director, AAV Capsid Engineering

Technical Operations

  • Vice President, Site Head
  • Vice President, Manufacturing
  • Head of CMC
  • Head of Biologics Manufacturing
  • Director of CMC
  • Director of Supply Chain

Medical Affairs

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Vice President / Head of Medical Affairs
  • Senior Medical Director / Medical Directors
  • Director, Medical Writing
  • Director, Patient Advocacy


  • Director, HEOR
  • Director, Field HEOR

Clinical Development

  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Vice President / Head of Clinical Development
  • Senior Medical Director, Clinical Development

Clinical Operations

  • Associate Director, Clinical Operations

Regulatory Affairs

  • Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
  • Head of Global Regulatory Affairs
  • Director, Regulatory

Quality Assurance

  • Vice President, Global QA
  • Senior Director, Quality Assurance


  • Vice President, CMC
  • Head of MS&T
  • Senior Director, Validation
  • Senior Director, Analytical Development


  • Chief Commercial Officer


  • Vice President of Sales
  • National Sales Director
  • Regional Sales Director

Marketing/Market Research

  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Senior Director, New Product
  • Director of Patient Marketing
  • Director, HCP Marketing
  • Associate Director, Marketing

Insights & Analytics

  • Executive Director, Operations & Analytics
  • Director, Alliance Management
  • Director, Competitive Intelligence
  • Director of Analytics

Market Access

  • Vice President, Market Access
  • Senior Director, Trade and Distribution
  • Director of Pricing & Contracts
  • Director, Patient Services


  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Vice President, Sales
  • Business Development Director
  • National Sales Director

Regulatory / Quality (Device / Tech)

  • Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
  • Director QA / RA

Data Science

  • Vice President, Data Science
  • Vice President, Machine Learning


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer


  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Corporate Controller

Human Resources

  • Head of People
  • Director, Global People Services


  • IP Counsel
  • Compliance Officer


  • Senior Executive Assistant
  • Senior Executive Assistant to the President

Experience across all areas of life sciences

With the industry rapidly evolving and areas like biotech, healthtech, and cell & gene therapies changing the healthcare landscape, Mix Talent is keeping pace and evolving right along with them.

Our teams are made up of professionals with backgrounds from across the life sciences who know how to keep up to date and look ahead at what’s coming next. We stay on top of the current modalities and treatments that are impacting patient lives, the forces that are driving change in the industry, and the therapies in development that promise to do even more incredible things.

Leveraging Our Network to Amplify Jobs

Our recruiters have 10 years of average recruiting experience and will help to find the best passive and active talent for your roles through:

A propriety database of candidates

35,000+ LinkedIn followers

Over 15 million job impressions last year

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