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Our team’s expertise goes beyond hiring to support talent integration, talent development, and retention efforts.

Our Approach

In the life science industry, there’s a lot of pressure to move quickly and efficiently. But understanding how to develop your talent and optimize your organization’s people strategy can take time. At Mix Talent, our goal is to speed up the process, balancing objective data and research with pragmatic best practices to give you the support and tools you need to move quickly and with confidence.

Our team of Industrial / Organizational Psychologists can advise on and support:

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Collaboration is key to good work, but it requires good communication within a team. That said, we’re all different – often with diverse communication and leadership styles – and team members need to know how to interact with each other to ensure group effectiveness. 

We bring data and objectivity to this dynamic to improve leaders’ understanding of how to communicate with individuals on their teams while also helping them integrate into new positions through our New Leader Assimilation solution, ensuring they understand what they need to be successful, including their roles, team, stakeholders, and culture.

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Leaders need to set clear expectations, give feedback, and provide recognition on a regular basis to maximize speed and reinforce culture. Performance management can turn into a daunting process that is rarely referenced throughout the year, creating a lot of work without adding much value. 

We help organizations get better at creating a process that is a value-add, not a time-waste, helping your employees understand what they’re doing right and where they can improve, along with the right way to set goals and make coaching conversations more productive.

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It can be challenging to figure out how to promote the professional growth and development of your entire team in a resource-efficient way. 

We help you answer the question “What should we be training people on?” while also helping employees have productive conversations about their career goals and professional development and helping managers improve their approach to these conversations and set expectations.

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High performing individual contributors are often hired or promoted into leadership roles without receiving the ample support, feedback, and skills development they need to excel as a manager or leader. Additionally, leaders oftentimes face new challenges that require them to stretch their skills in new ways.

We help these leaders develop better awareness of their strengths and opportunities – based on assessments, feedback, and objective data – and partner with them to create and execute on an individualized development plan to support them in handling pivotal moments in their careers.

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Change is inevitable in every organization, especially when it comes to people. Your most important leaders will move on at some point, which is why it’s essential to make sure there are diverse individuals who are ready to step up when leaders and other key individuals leave the company or when new positions are created.

At Mix Talent, we partner with organizations to help them put together thoughtful succession plans and ideas regarding how to accelerate potential successors’ growth to make sure they are ready when they need to be.

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Organizational cultures evolve with time – by putting the right systems, processes, and feedback mechanisms in place, you can ensure it evolves in the ways you intend.

We’re here to help you identify gaps in your processes – with, for example, exit interviews, culture diagnostics, and engagement and team collaboration challenges – to help you know where to invest your time and effort to solve your organization’s challenges. Our goal is always to provide pragmatic solutions over bureaucratic constraints, providing you with lean, sustainable solutions that will help your organization continue to improve over time.

What other life sciences leaders are saying about Mix

When I initially met with Mix, we were outnumbered. There were more people from Mix at the meeting than from our organization. Which is a big deal to me. They were clearly well-staffed and ready to go.

Director, Talent Acquisition Oncology-focused Biotech Company

There’s a personal touch with Mix and the quality of their team is really exceptional. They’ve done a good job of hiring for themselves and that shows with the quality of people they’ve been able to bring on board.

Vice President, Global Commercial Operations Commercial Pharmaceutical Company

The Mix team was quite masterful in identifying quality candidates upfront and not passing along candidates they thought would be a waste of our time. That allowed us to move very quickly with the hires, all of whom were incredible fits for us and are still with the company today.

Sr. Director Field Medical Affairs Commercial-stage Biopharmaceutical Company

We support clients throughout all phases of the lifecycle, from preclinical to commercial.

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