Talent optimization services


Our Optimization Team can see around corners and plan ahead to support your growing organization.

Our Optimization Team offers the extra services you need to grow efficiently and effectively by providing full-scale talent acquisition and operational support. Most recruitment firms will source and identify candidates for hire and be on their way. Mix is there to prepare for and continue beyond hiring, and acts as an extension of your current HR/TA team to help guide your talent from the application process through their start date. We do this through helping you to BUILD and EXECUTE your:


Building or optimizing people processes to enable growth and scale in a streamlined way during steady state hiring or periods of high growth.

  • End-to-end recruitment
  • Volume versus steady state recruitment design or optimization
  • Diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Referral program strategy
  • Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Offer-to-onboarding
  • ATS implementation or optimization
  • LinkedIn and professional networking engagement
  • Mobile responsiveness for Careers page and ATS
  • Employee referral portal
  • Background check and onboarding systems
  • Integrations between key people systems


Implementing systems and critical functionality as a strategic lever to optimize people processes, amplify candidate reach, and deliver a competitive edge in the talent market.


Building new or optimizing existing frameworks to enable cross-functional collaboration in all people-building activities.

  • Program management
  • Rest-of-org change readiness
  • First-in-field infrastructure
  • Compensation strategy
  • Operational playbook for volume builds
  • Ancillary departmental support infrastructure
With our flexible solutions, we can be a seamless partner to help you build and execute the activities that come along with establishing and implementing hiring processes, technology, and infrastructure.

Case Study

We support clients throughout all phases of the lifecycle, from discovery to commercial.

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