10 Talent Trends
for the Life Sciences in 2023

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Throughout these past couple of years, we have witnessed a watershed moment for talent—for work in general. How, when, where, and why work gets done has been completely upended as we grapple with how to manage hybrid and remote workforces, how to keep good employees from jumping ship, and how to win the war for top talent without overspending on headcount.

These challenges, combined with the difficult economic situation the life sciences industry is in, are undoubtedly going to lead to some short-term pain in 2023. Companies will need to do more with less to succeed. 

But we believe that each of these challenges is solvable, provided we remain steadfast in our commitment to patients, our passion for win-win solutions, and our focus on delivering good and meaningful work. 

To help, the Mix team is sharing our predictions for the top talent trends in the life sciences industry in 2023. We hope they provide some inspiration as you begin the year and start to tackle the unique problems—and opportunities—your organization is facing.

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10 Talent Trends for the Life Sciences in 2023

From DEIB and retention programs to legislative reform and workforce analytics, here are the top things that will shape life sciences talent in 2023.