The Mix Tape: Podcast Teaser

Introducing The Mix Tape by your friends at Mix Talent! Life Sciences never sounded so good!


At Mix Talent, we are always looking for novel ways to connect with our community and our clients – which is why we are so excited to announce the release of our first-ever podcast, The Mix Tape, featuring candid conversations between Mix team members and life sciences professionals.

With each episode of season 1, we will touch on trending, high-stakes life sciences topics, including:

  • the art of returning to the office post-COVID
  • cracking the code on building a winning sales team
  • the growth of the Ohio bioscience industry
  • and much, much more! 

The Mix Tape will be hosted by Mix Talent’s own Valerie McCandlish and Maggie Painter and is set to launch on all podcast platforms this month with new episodes released each Wednesday.

Listen, follow, and subscribe on your platform of choice – and don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback on LinkedIn!


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