Performance Management Development


Most organizations either have under-developed or over-engineered performance management processes. At Mix Talent, we help you find the sweet spot.

Practical, effective performance management

While the need for regular feedback is integral to the growth and development of any team, managers often struggle with how to provide qualitative feedback and translate their expertise into insights for their team members. While fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies understandably do not want to be weighed down by what feels like “big company” processes, a lack of processes leads to a lack of feedback, which often has detrimental, long-term consequences on the growth of an organization. 

PerforMix, built by our team of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists, helps you find the right balance, incorporating cutting-edge performance management research into a lightweight, engaging process consistent with the culture of high-growth companies.

Our performance management principles

Too often, performance management is about checking the box and filling out a template. With PerforMix, the conversation is king. Our purpose-built materials are designed to drive developmental conversations.
We wrap highly specialized training from our team of experts to ensure your team understands how to best have these conversations, shifting the focus from filling out forms to partnering with team members to own their development.
The point of performance management should be to shape future performance. PerforMix keeps the conversation on future goals, what actions are necessary to achieve them, and how to use lessons from the past to most effectively move forward.
Beyond training materials, we also leverage our assessment expertise to work directly with employees and their managers to understand their behavioral tendencies and how they both give and receive feedback. This approach is built on the understanding that optimal management, both of yourself and others, rests on self-awareness.

We support clients throughout all phases of the lifecycle, from preclinical to commercial.

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