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The Gene and Cell Therapy industry continues to grow, and with growth comes many brilliantly led startups, filled with wisdom on business management and therapeutic science. With her third appearance as Mix Tape interviewer, Patty Adams talks with Rich Daly, President of CARSgen Therapeutics. CARSgen Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company focused on innovative CAR-T cell therapies for the treatment of hematological malignancies and solid tumors, with a vision to make cancer curable.

The competition for top talent in tech and life sciences is fierce.  Early-stage and emerging companies often find themselves in competition with much larger organizations to attract and/or extract experienced talent they need to help achieve their next stage of growth.  However, if you think you can’t compete with established companies for talent due to their deeper pockets and robust benefits, think again. 

When you've been given such staggering news as a breast cancer diagnosis, what can you do to fight for a cancer-free future? Mix Talent's Paige Nelson knows a friend and coworker who's now on the other side of her diagnosis: Cassie Vick. Vick is a Practice Leader for Mix Talent's Sales Vertical, and is kind enough to share her story of overcoming cancer with a strong patient-to-provider relationship.

Season 3 of The Mix Tape is here! As the world becomes increasingly online, the digital therapeutics industry continues to innovate. Mix Talent's Paul Sinclair catches up with two experts in the field: Andy Molnar and Owen McCarthy. Molnar is the CEO of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, where McCarthy sits on the Board of Directors. Additionally, McCarthy is the president and cofounder of MedRhythms, a company that leverages the power of music and technology to redefine what's possible in brain health.

Mix Talent was engaged by a biopharmaceutical company to lead an 800 person, multi-functional franchise build for an anticipated product approval and launch.

The best athletes in the world have professional coaches to help them perform at their athletic peak – and yet many corporate leaders are thrust into stressful situations where they’re expected to just know how to lead through increasingly complex, volatile, uncertain, and ambiguous situations – all while boosting their team’s engagement, maximizing business impact, keeping their cool, avoiding burnout, and (hopefully) ensuring their personal lives don’t catch on fire. Easy, right?

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