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The Mix Tape | The Secret’s in the Mix: Part 1 – Impactful Leadership

In the first episode of our mini-series: The Secret’s in the Mix, we are joined by two impactful leaders – Mickey Shimp, President of Mix Talent, and Jon DeWitt, Executive Coach at JS DeWitt and Associates – to dive into the topic of leadership, discussing why authentic and transparent leadership is imperative and how to invest in your people to build strong relationships with your teams.

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Weathering the Storm

After a robust and unprecedented 2021 in the life sciences industry, the positive momentum that began in 2020 flatlined in 2022. Layoffs are happening in waves across the industry, with 23 companies announcing layoffs in November alone, bringing the 2022 total to 119 companies.

Similarly, fundraising has taken a hit. Industrywide, M&A volume is down 48% while deal valuations plunged 28% this year.

While there is plenty of optimism that these trends are temporary — and PwC predicts there is a strong year ahead for M&A in the sector — there is no question the resetting of valuations is going to lead to some short-term pain.

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Considering a Career Change?

Beyond the seasonal career reflections that happen around this time of year, it seems there’s also a new headline every week (if not every day) about layoffs and cuts being made across the pharma and biotech world – meaning there are a lot of people in the life sciences looking for their next opportunities. If you’re in that camp, I want to challenge you to consider your approach to what’s next.

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 10 — Driving Employee Retention through Career Development

Retaining top talent and supporting the career development of your employees go hand in hand. As a manager, HR leader, or company head, making career development palpable for those around you can feel unreachable. K.C. McAllister discusses career development and feedback strategies with industry expert Amanda Lopez on today’s episode. Amanda Lopez is the Executive Director for Talent Management & HRBP at Entrada Therapeutics, a growing biopharmaceutical company innovating to transform the treatment of devastating diseases through intracellular therapeutics.

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Mix Talent is recognizing Rare Disease Day 2024 by celebrating rare heroes from across the country whose initiative, advocacy, and perseverance are making a difference in the lives of others.

After the positive reception to our inaugural Trends Report, we’re excited to introduce our 2024 Trends Report. Beyond reporting on what we learned, we have also added commentary throughout based on what we have seen transpire in life sciences talent this past year and how we expect it to evolve in the year to come.

In part 2 of our Special Edition Series - Cell and Gene Tx Journey to Commercialization - Abbey Jenkins (CEO, Gamida Cell) and Izzy Tyszler (VP of Commercial, Zevra Therapeutics) join ADVI Health’s Director of Health Policy and Reimbursement, Alicia Silver, to discuss commercialization of gene and cell therapies. Abbey and Izzy share their key learnings from past experiences leading commercial teams, including advice on how best to prepare for commercialization.

Periods of organizational or personal change demand executives and other corporate leaders to guide themselves and their teams through unpredictable challenges. During these times of instability, transitional coaching gives leaders the tools and clarity to navigate confidently through the turbulence.

Welcome back to The Mix Tape! In this 2-part special edition, Mix Talent teamed up with ADVI Health to bring together women leaders in Cell and Gene Therapy to discuss the journey from manufacturing to commercialization. This series will feature insights from our incredible guests on their learnings from past experiences, tips and tricks, and anticipated trends in biotech.

Mix Talent President Mickey Shimp shares the simple-but-effective advice his dad, Paul Shimp, gave him about being successful – and how that advice is put into action by the Mix O/S.

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