Front Line Leader Assessments

The capabilities and performance of Front Line Leaders will drive the success of your pharma sales force. We bring rigor, objectivity, and deep psychological expertise to help you make the right FLL hiring and promotion decisions the first time.

Predicting Success: Six Key Behaviors

Regardless of technical know-how and past performance, not everyone is suited for a leadership position. At Mix, our team of Industrial / Organizational Psychologists combined their industry experience and the science of leadership to identify six key behaviors critical for success in pharmaceutical and biotech Front Line Leaders:

Coaching and Developing

Leveraging Business Acumen and Market Knowledge

Inspiring Resilience and Perseverance

Building and Implementing Strategy

Forming Highly Effective Teams

Collaborating and Cooperating

How We Assess:

A Comprehensive, Three-Step Process

Our process is designed to thoroughly gauge how leadership candidates will perform in these six key behavior areas, giving you the ability to confidently predict their success as Front Line Leaders.

1. Personality Assessment

Personality assessment measures behavioral tendencies.

Step #1

2. Leadership Judgment Exercises

Custom-built leadership judgment exercises put participants in a Front Line Leader role.

Step #2

3. Leadership Judgment Discussion

Leadership judgment discussion with assessor engages the participant for additional context.

Step #3

What We Deliver:

Concise, Actionable Reports

Once the assessment is completed, we provide reports that make decision-making simpler, onboarding smoother, and ongoing training and development more effective.

“The FLL tool was integral in helping us make the best possible hiring choices and ensuring our managers got off to a great start. The information allowed us to better understand how our current reps would be likely to perform as managers and gave us insight into external candidates we would not have gotten otherwise.”

— CHRO at a leading
ophthalmology company

We support clients throughout all phases of the lifecycle, from preclinical to commercial.

It's no secret: FLL hiring and management mistakes are costly

Learn how to swerve around obstacles and set your sales force up for big wins with our white paper Strengthening the Front Lines: 9 Common Mistakes Made with Front-Line Leaders (And How to Avoid Them).
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