Dosage Increase – Modalities for Developing Resilience

In our 2024 Talent Trends report survey, we found that adaptability and resilience are currently key topics for leadership development.

This likely stems from two major streams of thought:

  1. With advancements in AI, the likelihood of complex changes in the life sciences workplace is greater than it has been in years past, and leaders are recognizing that the need to positively adapt to those difficulties will be more important than ever.
  2. In our experience consulting within the life science/pharmaceutical industry – and aligning with the research – resilience contributes to higher performance in a variety of roles (e.g., sales representatives)8. Leaders are likely recognizing this relationship and putting a stronger emphasis on both selecting new employees with higher resilience and training existing employees to improve resilience.

Though we’ve already reviewed the “what” of resilience in my white paper Resilience – A Necessary Rx for Success – those components and behaviors that lead to positive adaptation to a threat or stressor – the question of “how” is next to explore:

  1. How can we build our resilience if we feel we might not have it?
  2. How can we help others build their resilience and prepare for challenges?

In this white paper, we combine our expertise in the research of resilience with our practical experience from engagements with dozens of pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide a relevant overview of how employees can develop their resilience and how organizations can support this development.

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About the author

Nicholas Kovacs, PhD

Talent Consultant

Nick is an industrial-organizational psychologist by training and a talent consultant at Mix Talent. His expertise in research includes motivation, resilience, occupational health, analytics, and selection, and his expertise in practice includes building and administering selection and development assessments, developing surveys and reports, and conducting analyses using Excel, R programming, and machine learning. Nick began his career working within healthcare research at the National Institutes of Health, and he has since shifted to a career providing support to Fortune 100 and start-ups alike within the life science/biotech industry.

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Dosage Increase: Modalities for Developing Resilience

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