Case Study

Custom Assessments for Medical Media Company


Mix was engaged by a large medical media company to review and improve their hiring and assessment processes.

The client was using an on-site assessment process that was administered by pen and paper and had not been updated in several years to reflect the company’s evolving culture.


Mix’s team of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists started by understanding the job-relevance of the assessment and identified the behaviors needed for success. 

Mix then designed an online assessment process that predicted those desired behaviors while improving the candidate experience.

Based on the assessment results, Mix also implemented individually-tailored interview guides and onboarding reports that provide areas of focus for candidate interviews and development planning.

Out of this work, Mix also built behavioral expectations aligned to the company’s values at each leadership level.


Overall, the project resulted in:

The client adopted the new assessments and has successfully used the assessment for hiring and succession planning with over 300 candidates

The client also adopted the behavioral expectations and is using this as the basis for performance evaluations

Your team’s support has made our jobs so much easier, from helping us quickly identify right-fit candidates to improving our onboarding processes and succession planning. This is light-years ahead of what we had prior, and I can’t thank you enough!

Vice President, Human Resources and Administration
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