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What Every Leader Should Know About Leadership Coaching

The best athletes in the world have professional coaches to help them perform at their athletic peak – and yet many corporate leaders are thrust into stressful situations where they’re expected to just know how to lead through increasingly complex, volatile, uncertain, and ambiguous situations – all while boosting their team’s engagement, maximizing business impact, keeping their cool, avoiding burnout, and (hopefully) ensuring their personal lives don’t catch on fire. Easy, right?

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So, You Think You Want To Be an MSL?

The Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role is a highly attractive, widely sought job, particularly by PharmDs, MDs and PhDs looking to break out of the confines of clinical, retail, or academic work.
While it boasts attractive pay, growth opportunities, and meaningful work, the MSL role is also highly competitive and can be challenging for candidates to break into, especially without industry experience.

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Rebuilding the Pipeline for Pharmaceutical & Biotech Sales Talent

The 1990s to early 2000s were a different era for pharmaceutical sales. The waves of blockbuster therapies, many of which were promoted in the primary care setting, meant sales teams were large and active enough that one could not only get hired with zero pharma experience but could also get into the field and learn on the job next to more experienced teammates.

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Going Red and Making an Impact

I’ve worked in different aspects of the healthcare field for over a decade now. Before starting on my current career path as a recruiter at Mix Talent, I was a pharmacist at large IDNs and post-acute clinics. And before that, I was a kid in rural North Carolina whose mom was an emergency room nurse.

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Feedback Best Practices Worth Singing About

Written by Brodie Riordan, PhD. For many people, the word “feedback” elicits physical, mental, and emotional reactions that range from cringing, sweaty palms, ducking and covering, assuming they did something wrong, actively avoiding someone, and more (I didn’t make these up – these are all real responses that people have shared with me over the years).

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