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The Mix Tape: Ep. 8 — Competing For Talent in The Boston Biotech Market

When it comes to HR, keeping your company on top of your industry has its challenges. Mix Talent’s Kristen Lewis takes this week’s episode to chat with an expert HR professional in Boston’s biotech market: Janielle Newland. Newland is the Senior Vice President Human Resources at Viridian Therapeutics, an innovative biotechnology company advancing treatments for patients with diseases that are underserved by today’s therapies.

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 7 — Coaching To Reach Your Peak Performance

If you brought a coach into your professional career, what could you achieve? Today’s episode may help you find the answer! Mix Talent’s Ali O’Malley has an exciting conversation with business coaching expert Stace Middlebrooks. Middlebrooks is the Chief Empowerment Officer at Purpose Powered Coaching and Consulting, with a personal practice focused on giving women of color the confidence and power to excel in their leadership roles.

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 6 — Building Resilient Teams Through Diversity of Thought

When your life calls for a major occupation change, how do you persevere amidst the obstacles of starting over? Mix Talent’s Chad Thompson (previously heard in Season One) sits down with Rob Jindal to talk about his experience with resilience. Jindal is the ReadyNow Business Director at Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. ReadyNow is a unique 18-month development program that offers an opportunity for individuals from a variety of backgrounds to start their careers in the pharmaceutical industry with a world-class organization.

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 5 — Psychedelics in Medicine

The Mix Tape goes international! Mix Talent’s Jocelyn Scott interviews a cutting-edge researcher in the field of medicinal psychedelics in Switzerland: Katrin Preller. Dr. Preller is scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim, a company developing breakthrough therapies and innovative healthcare solutions in areas of unmet medical need for both humans and animals.

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Feedback Best Practices Worth Singing About

Written by Brodie Riordan, PhD. For many people, the word “feedback” elicits physical, mental, and emotional reactions that range from cringing, sweaty palms, ducking and covering, assuming they did something wrong, actively avoiding someone, and more (I didn’t make these up – these are all real responses that people have shared with me over the years).

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 4 — Feedback Practices Worth Singing About

When it’s time to give or receive feedback, people’s moods turn from upbeat to uncomfortable fast. Can feedback at work be transformed for the better? In this episode, Mix Talent’s Sara Shondrick talks with Brodie Riordan to find out. Riordan is an I/O (Industrial Organizational) Psychologist and executive coach with a passion for helping others achieve their full potential. She’s a self-proclaimed “Feedback Zealot” and author of the book “Feedback Fundamentals and Evidence-Based Best Practices.”

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 3 — Compensation Isn’t Just Business, It’s Personal

There’s few topics in business that are universally uncomfortable like compensation, so why not break the ice on a podcast? Mix Talent’s Patty Adams takes on the subject with Dale Moyer, co-founder of incentovate. Incentovate helps businesses create robust compensation and benefits strategies, provides financial management, and offers on-premise HR leadership.

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The Mix Tape: Ep. 2 — Putting the “Me” Back in Medicine: The Superdad of Rare Disease

When a rare disease enters your household you have to take drastic measures, but why not have fun while doing it? Mix Talent’s KC McAllister discusses the ups and downs with a first-hand experiencer: Ryan Sheedy. Sheedy is a father of a Costello’s Syndrome patient, funny guy on his Instagram @dadhappend and founder of mejo, an online tool that helps caregivers organize medical information to create a personal health journal specifically tailored to their child.

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