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Trends Report 2023

Throughout these past couple of years, we have witnessed a watershed moment for talent—for work in general. How, when, where, and why work gets done has been completely upended as we grapple with how to manage hybrid and remote workforces, how to keep good employees from jumping ship, and how to win the war for top talent without overspending on headcount.

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The Compensation Paradox

No matter how unprecedented the economy may be, talented people are still in high demand. With the amount of open U.S. jobs continuing to exceed the number of available candidates, attracting and paying for the talent that matches your business’s needs and budget may seem like a complicated problem – but the solution is simpler than you might expect.

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The Power of Workforce Planning

Economic conditions are challenging the life sciences industry in unprecedented ways. Yesterday’s solutions will not solve today’s business challenges. The days of “finger in the wind” headcount planning exercises are over. It’s time to stop relying on the friends and family plan (i.e. hire who you know) and instead take a more disciplined approach to determining what roles are needed, who to hire, and when.

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The Mix Tape | The Secret’s in the Mix: Part 4 – Talent Development Tools

We’re wrapping up our Mix Tape mini-series by breaking down how to build Career Development tools that engage your team and boost retention. In this episode, Valerie is joined by Mix Talent’s Head of HR, Daryl Neville, and our Director of Leadership & Culture, Sara Shondrick, PhD to discuss different types of training, how to assess training needs, and how to prioritize and work together to figure out strategies that bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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The Mix Tape | The Secret’s in the Mix: Part 3 – Engaging a Remote Workforce

With remote work taking over the international workforce, how does a company stay connected? Managing and engaging with a geographically diverse team happens every day at Mix Talent, so Valerie sits down with Todd Radloff, Head of Client Solutions and Delivery, as well as Patty Adams, Head of HR Consulting, to discuss Mix’s approach and other helpful strategies for other organizations learning how to navigate remote teams.

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The Mix Tape | The Secret’s in the Mix: Part 1 – Impactful Leadership

In the first episode of our mini-series: The Secret’s in the Mix, we are joined by two impactful leaders – Mickey Shimp, President of Mix Talent, and Jon DeWitt, Executive Coach at JS DeWitt and Associates – to dive into the topic of leadership, discussing why authentic and transparent leadership is imperative and how to invest in your people to build strong relationships with your teams.

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Weathering the Storm

After a robust and unprecedented 2021 in the life sciences industry, the positive momentum that began in 2020 flatlined in 2022. Layoffs are happening in waves across the industry, with 23 companies announcing layoffs in November alone, bringing the 2022 total to 119 companies.

Similarly, fundraising has taken a hit. Industrywide, M&A volume is down 48% while deal valuations plunged 28% this year.

While there is plenty of optimism that these trends are temporary — and PwC predicts there is a strong year ahead for M&A in the sector — there is no question the resetting of valuations is going to lead to some short-term pain.

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